Important COVID-19 Notice!
The Little GIants Volleyball Club is following all COVID-19 policies, in accordance to Government and Health regulations. Details can be found on:  All participants must also read and comply with the terms and conditions before booking sessions. 
We will be strictly following all current guidelines as set out by the government, including bubbles of six. All sessions are compliant with current covid guidelines.
Please sign up to our email list or sign up with one of our many social media pages to get the latest on our events and open session details. 

Under 18? Check out our Junior Volleyball page, especially designed for you! Please note that our Open Sessions take place in different locations throughout London. In addition, for all indoor sessions, there are no bicycles allowed in the building including the folding ones. There are locking racks outside the building.

How to Sign up:

In order for you to make the most of every session you attend we structured our sessions alongside your according to different levels. In order for us as a club to deliver that better structure we have to monitor and help you attend the best session for you at the moment (as well as to respect and meet the needs of all other players from particular group session, means they also have to train alongside with people of their level to enjoy the session), we have to observe everyone even people who are already players from our growing volleyball community.  First timers (we accept that your level might be good for a particular session). Please accept our new structure and sign up for an open session, where we can observe you. In addition, more volleyball training will always be as a plus to any level. Hard work pays.


Beginner Coaching:  Coaching sessions open to all levels (suitable for people who want to get into volleyball, as well as people who are already playing and need professional (coached) help with improving volleyball skills. If you are beginner, or joining the Giants for the first time without actual experience before in volleyball or if it has been a while since you have last played volleyball, we would advise that you start with a coached session. You will have a lot more fun joining the intermediate groups, once you learn the rules! Please note that beginners can improve over time their skills and at some point get themselves to intermediate level and start joining games only sessions. 


Intermediate Coaching:  If it has been a while since you have last played volleyball, we would advise that you start with a coached session. You will have a lot more fun joining the intermediate open sessions, once you learn the rules! 

Intermediate and Grass Volleyball Open Sessions: These are 'GAMES ONLY' sessions, suitable for players who are regularly playing volleyball and are familiar with the rules of the game and can actually play in games. This means you want to play and have fun, but take the games quite seriously. You know the rules of the game, and can use both hands to set, attack and defend with the goal of keeping the ball in the air. Intermediate players can improve their level through regular training and  get invited to move to advance sessions.

The last Grass Volleyball session of 2020 will take place on 20-September.

Please sign up to our newsletter for announcements of the first Grass Volleyball session in 2021!

Advanced Invite Only SessionThis is invite only for serious and competitive level players. Our sessions are structured in a great way, where the level is very high, and players attend to play the the position they play (Liberos, Setter, Middle, Outside/Opposite). Players must be competitive and can play in positions well. This also means you are highly skilled, and am not afraid of the ball hitting you (other teams can spike very well). You can move around, know the rotations, and can cover the court to cover your teammates and keep the ball in the air. 

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In partnership with CLAPHAM LEISURE CENTRE and CAIUS HOUSE YOUTH CENTRE for Junior Volleyball Programmes.

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