Date and Time: 19 December 11:45 - 16:00

Location (MAP): Clapham Common (behind Trinity Church) near Clapham Common Tube Station SW4 0QZ

Player Rules
  1. Tournament places will be played out.

  2. Matches are played to 25 points with 2 clear points.

  3. Matches will start immediately after the previous match has ended.  There is no warm up time on court - warm up should be done on the side of the court prior to the match.

  4. Please arrive 30 minutes early for registration and warm-up. All games will start at 12:00.
  5. There is minimum three women and two men on court at all times. Teams cannot exceed six people, due to COVD19 regulations. Libero's do not count as the 3rd lady.
  6. Team Captains are required to pay £25 ahead of play.
  7. All registration forms must be completed prior to participation (Registration Form Link). Once this registration is completed, please fill out the attached form and send to It is compulsory that every team member reads and understands the rules and regulations, as well as adhere to the COVID19 information as set out by the government and current regulations.
  8. Players will be required to sign terms and conditions before play.
  9. A couple of things to let your team members know, especially those who are attending our events the first time:

    1. Captains or the main booking person are expected to share the rules and fixtures with their team members in advance.

    2. Pool play:  round robin

    3. Matches are played to 25pts, 2 clear point

    4. 3 ladies on court AT ALL times, libero does not count as 3rd lady.

    5. There is no warm up time on court - warm up should be done on the side of the court prior to the match 

    6. We won't be explaining the rules to the individuals on the day!

    7. We would appreciate if you can hashtag #LittleGiantsVolleyball or @Little Giants Volleyball Club 

    8. Pictures and videos are also shared on our Instagram and FB page/Instagram  "Little Giants Volleyball" throughout the day.

    9. Please note, you will need to provide one of the following: a valid national ID card or a valid debit/credit card to borrow 1 game ball. 

    10. Please look after your belongings on the day: We as the organisers, are not responsible for any belongings.

  10. **Tournaments are non-refundable and non-transferable** 

Note: All information is private and confidential to Little Giants staff members only.

In partnership with CLAPHAM LEISURE CENTRE and CAIUS HOUSE YOUTH CENTRE for Junior Volleyball Programmes.

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